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Flood Recovery and Restoration

When your home or business is inundated with unwanted water, whether it’s from a sink overflow, heavy rain, burst pipes or sewerage spill, the damage can be overwhelming. We understand that flooding on any scale is stressful so we aim to reduce your stress with our fast and professional response.

Steps in The Restoration Process

Generally, on the initial call-out, excess water is extracted and floor coverings and/or furnishing positioned in an appropriate drying environment.

At this stage measures can be taken to prevent stains from water browning or rust spots and to prevent the possibility of mould development.

Sections of carpet and / or underlay may have to be removed off-site for specialised drying.

Drying equipment is installed according to requirements. The intensity of the flood will determine the drying equipment needed.

Service visits will be arranged as necessary to monitor the moisture levels in the affected floorings and surfaces. Weather conditions will affect the speed of drying.

When carpet and underlay is thoroughly dry it is re-laid, and any other restored items are returned.

Carpet and furnishings are deodorised, cleaned and treated for staining as necessary.


Do You Have A Flood?


Here's What To Do...

1. Find the source of the leak, If it’s not obvious where the leak’s coming from, turn off the water mains.

2. Remove any furniture from the area and keep the area clear.

3. If it’s safe to do so, unplug any electrical appliances in the immediate area.


Even relatively small floods are usually an insurance matter, they quite often are worse than they look as they tend to spread out and soak to quite a large area.