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Every once in awhile, just about everyone will have unwelcome visitors in their home. Whether your situation is commercial, residential or industrial, we can provide the solutions you need to become and remain pest free. Our focus is primarily on carrying out treatments for small rodents such as rats and mice as well as most insects and bugs, however we are more than happy to discuss whatever pest control solutions you require.

With care for the environment in mind, we are committed to the correct and safe application of pest management agents.


General Nuisance Insects

Aside from giving us the heebie-jeebies, invasive insects can cause real problems. Nesting ants can cause odours, flying insects can transmit diseases and wasps can be a real safety hazard. Although each of the insects that bother us are unique, we have developed a combination treatment that will in most cases give relief from general nuisance insects. It still remains true however that no one treatment does it all, so if you have a problem with a specific insect, let us know and we can do a targeted treatment specifically for that problem.

Rodents – Rats and Mice

Rodents can cause considerable loss through damage, spoilage and contamination. If you have problems with rats or mice in your home and are not able to get on top of the situation, you may likely need more effective control systems. Our experience has shown that once rodents are eradicated from your dwelling itself, control can be achieved through one of our managed control programmes.

Commercial Pest Management

If you have a business which has anything to do with food preparation, then you’ll know all about the Food Act 2014 which has came into full effect. We know this too, so we’ve put together a Service Management Programme to aid you in meeting the new requirements surrounding pest and animal control. To date, our programmes have been viewed favourably by local council and we are happy to tweak them in whichever direction gives your business the best outcome. For a walk through of exactly what we provide, please give us a call.

Get The Most Out of Your Insect Spray Treatment


When cleaning window sills, use a dry duster rather that a wet cloth.

Try not to wipe down or clean walls or door frames unnecessarily.

In the case of fleas and carpet beetle, refrain from vacuuming carpets for 2 weeks.


Leave any spider webs intact for at least 1 week.

When removing spider webs, use a dry, soft broom – Do not wet wash the house for the next 3 months.

Keep gardens and edges around the border of the building tidy.

Keep the foundation line around the building free from clutter.

Pest Control Tips

There is no one treatment that does it all. Each pest requires it’s own targeted treatment.

Most invasive insects such as ants, cockroaches and flies can be reduced through good housekeeping habits. For complete control we recommend the use of baits and/or the application of industry recognised residual products.

Commercial grade pest control products have higher concentration rates and longer residual action.

The Coromandel Peninsula has some of the most frequent occurrences of carpet beetle. We can help to eliminate the threat before your new carpets go down.

Flax-like plants situated next to buildings will likely provide harbourage for cockroaches and other invasive insects.

Preparation Guideline


For An Effective Treatment

Open all curtains and lift all blinds, remove all items from window sills and close all windows.

Ensure rooms to be treated are clean and free from clutter and that all walkways are accessible.

Ensure a free passage around the entire building.

Pull any outdoor furniture at least 1 foot from all walls.

If walls, gutters or eaves are to be washed, do this in advance of the application.