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Repairs and Restoration

Stain Removal and Treatment

Whether it’s from pets running through, kids spilling drinks or the infamous ‘nobody’ who caused the spill on your carpet, in most cases it can be treated and left with no or at least very little trace. The key to remember is that anything that you do to the stain before a professional has had a chance to treat it could alter the overall outcome.

Fabric Protection

In order to stop the stains from setting in, our fabric protector does just as it’s name states and protects your fabric from any spills that may occur. It forms a barrier so that spills may be wiped up quickly with little penetration in to the fabric itself, allowing it to stay looking cleaner for long

Carpet Repairs

Fraying carpet along joins and loose ends in doorways are potential tripping hazards. We are happy to give you a no obligation estimate of what we can do to remedy these issues. In addition to this, burn marks and stubborn stains can be removed by patching spare carpet from somewhere like a closet into the area where the staining has occurred.

Vinyl Floor Care

Vinyl floor coverings are very serviceable and long lasting products, but they need to be correctly maintained in order for them it to look their best and to prolong their life. Vinyl floors need to have a layer of polish applied which protects the vinyl below – foot traffic and movements wear the polish, but the vinyl remains protected.